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20/20NOW: What is It and How is It Beneficial?

20/20NOW: What is It and How is It Beneficial?

Imagine a world where you can receive professional eye care without the hassle of multiple appointments or traveling to a separate clinic. With 20/20NOW, that vision becomes a reality! Through cutting-edge technology, 20/20NOW brings expert optometry services and same-day eye exams directly to you. Madison Optical Center reveals all the benefits that this innovative technology has to offer in this blog!

Defining 20/20NOW

20/20NOW is a platform that empowers optical retailers to provide patients with same-day eye exams and live optometrist consultations via video conferencing. You can say goodbye to long waits at the office and wave hello to same-day eyeglasses and contacts. 20/20NOW allows you to experience the future of eye care and enjoy hassle-free, prompt service for all your vision needs! With 20/20NOW, you now have access to the newest cutting-edge eye exam technology and licensed professional optometrists who will video conference with you about your exam results. They will consider your previous medical history with your exam findings and can write you a prescription that same day.

What Are the Benefits?

It’s Convenient

20/20NOW brings eye care directly to patients, eliminating the need for multiple appointments or travel to a separate clinic. With this cutting-edge technology, eye exams take place in-store by our trusted technicians and conferencing with a licensed professional optometrist is conducted virtually in the comfort of the same exam room. If you want a same-day eye exam from an optometrist at Madison Optical Center, you can trust 20/20NOW eye exams for a thorough and expert eye care experience.

Eye Exams on Your Terms

This cutting-edge service allows you to save time by getting your eye exams and purchasing new glasses or contacts all in one visit. With increased availability and live optometrist consultations, patients can get their eye exams and purchase new glasses or contacts on the same day, allowing them to accommodate their busy schedules. We make it easy and efficient to take care of your eye health while providing a positive and seamless process! Experience the ease of being able to meet with a licensed virtual eye doctor on your terms.

Peace of Mind

Patients can have confidence in their eye health with the convenience and expertise offered by 20/20NOW, knowing they are receiving prompt and reliable care. With 20/20NOW eye exams at Madison’s premier optical and destination eyewear shopping center, you can trust that your eye health is our utmost priority! Our virtual professionals will check for conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataracts, and more. Your virtual doctor will consider your previous medical history and discuss their findings with you comprehensively. If further care is needed, they will direct you to the next course of action as well.

Expert Eye Care

With 20/20NOW eye exams, you will receive expert eye care from highly skilled on-site technicians and virtual optometrists. Our tele-optometry appointments connect you with experienced optometrists who provide professional guidance and treatment. 20/20NOW ensures that patients receive exceptional care during their tele-optometry appointments.

Schedule Your Same-Day Eye Exams with Our Optometrists in Madison, WI!

Experience expert, thorough 20/20NOW eye exams with our optometrists at Madison Optical Center! If you have any questions before booking your appointment, reach out to our team. You can trust us to assist you through every step of your eye care journey!

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