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Eyeware Brands
Eyeware Brands

Find Your Unique Eyewear Style

At Madison Optical Center, we provide everything you need to find made-for-you Eyewear with a combination of style and function. We offer the best selection of unique eyewear brands in the area. From as close as Chicago, St. Louis and Oregon and as far as Italy, France and Germany. Come in and let us help you find your own unique style from over 500 different eyewear looks!

We provide Madison’s best selection of Unique, Boutique, and Family Owned eyewear companies, along with a few “Brand” name styles.

“A name on the side of a frame does not make it fashionable. It is how it looks on you and makes you feel that creates your own Unique Style!” 


Below are some of our headliners, click on them to visit their online catalog. 

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