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Industry-leading optometric eye care paired with Madison’s best selection of unique fashion-forward eyewear. Locally owned and operated since 1983, we strive to provide the best eye care using the latest in optometric medicine and technology.

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Years Of Experiences
Established in 1983

Mother/Daughter Owned since 2012

Locally owned and run since 1983, three generations of our family play an important role in scouring the globe to bring the best in optical medicine technology and distinctive, boutique fashion eyewear brands to the Madison area.

Routine examinations help us identify and treat ocular conditions, keep your prescriptions updated, and reduce your chance of long-term illness, symptoms, or injury.

Whether you’re new to contacts or a long-time user, we can get you fitted with the latest in vision correction at no cost to comfort.

Tired of glasses or contacts? More people are turning to laser eye surgery. Consult with our professionals and learn if laser eye correction is a solution right for you.

Get a comprehensive evaluation of the health of your entire eye. Ensure proper eye and vision development, get early warnings for potential changes, and maintain optimal vision.

Madison Optical Center - We Relocated to Better Serve Madison

City Station, 658 West Washington, Madison. 
Call Us! 608-251-2020

We’ve moved to a new location to better serve our customers. More parking, more space, and a beautiful new look. And, of course, safe and comfortable shopping with COVID-19 precautions so our customers can focus on looking (and seeing) their best.

On-Site Optometrist

With decades of experience in serving families, we’re well-positioned to ensure our clients are taken care of with personalized solutions.

Modern Technology

We keep up with the latest developments in optometry tech to guarantee the optimal treatment of your vision needs.

Unique Eyewear

We offer the best selection of unique eyewear brands in the area. From as close as Chicago, St. Louis and Oregon and as far as Italy, France and Germany.

Quality Service

Our priority is ensuring the happiness and proper treatment of our patients – all without sacrificing comfort or fashion.

Our Approach

Procedure for an Appointment

New to Madison Optical Center? Here’s a quick rundown on how to handle your first check-up.

Make an Appointment

Call to schedule an appointment based on availability.

Comprehensive eye exam

Upon arrival, we’ll perform a comprehensive eye exam to learn about your current and past vision.


Prescribe & Payment

Once analyzed, we’ll formulate a solution and payment plan that leaves you feeling confident about your vision options.


Our Blog

Latest Blog & Articles

Keep up with the latest news and updates for Madison eyewear! We also keep our blog updated with supplementary material to help MOC customers feel empowered on their eyewear journey.
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