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Why Eye Care is Essential for Your Health | Madison Optical Center

Why Eye Care is Essential for Your Health | Madison Optical Center

Your eyes are the gift that lets you see the world around you, and distinguish colors and objects, people, and your surroundings. It’s no secret then that caring for them is important. Unfortunately caring for them and knowing how to do it properly is easily overlooked in today’s fast-paced world. Throughout our time providing eye care in Madison, Madison Optical Center has helped many maintain their vision properly, and we’ve collected some important eye care insight for you here!

Long-Term Eye Protection

When it comes to eye care, long-term protection is essential. This is because even without feeling short-term effects you may be slowly causing damage to your eyes that will only worsen over time. For example, one of the most damaging things to the eyes is the UV rays from the sun. Even on cloudy days, they can still cause eye damage. That’s why so many, even those that don’t need prescription lenses to see wear eyeglasses and sunglasses, or contact lenses. It’s also important to note that younger children are most susceptible to eye damage, so getting into the habit of wearing protective eyewear early on is important.

Seasonal Protection

Although many might wear sunglasses only during summertime, wearing sunglasses or protective eyewear year-round is important, even more so for those that wear prescription lenses or have ocular problems. This is because regardless of the time of year, UV rays are still an issue and what many don’t know is that studies show that you’re ten times more likely to damage your eyes from UV rays than your skin.

When investing in lenses, contacts, or sunglasses, always ensure that they offer the highest level of UV and UVB protection (most cheap sunglasses don’t). You can determine this by ensuring they carry a stamp of approval from America’s National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Contact us for eye care in Madison!

If you need eye care services in Madison, the team from Madison Optical Center is here to help. We provide comprehensive eye exams and customized care catered toward your visual needs, in addition to focusing on the early detection and treatment of ocular diseases. Madison Optical Center also offers urgent eye care as well and our trained team of medical optometrists is available for emergency eye care needs. We can also provide expert insight into whether laser eye correction is a route you can go to improve your sight rather than wearing corrective lenses or contacts.

For more about our services contact us online today or call (608) 251-2020 to schedule an appointment!

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